About Us

Management Philosophy

At A&J Property Management Inc., we will provide the highest quality level of management to our clients both Investors and Tenants.
Every unit, or client no matter how big or small, we guarantee that your business is our number one priority. The staff at A&J Property Management treats every unit/property as if it were there first listing. Our staff is highly motivated and dedicated in providing the best service in Southern California.

For Investors

Warren Buffet once said “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because some one planted a tree a long time ago” We hope that by giving us your business, we can aid in the process of growing your “Tree”. You can rest assure that when we manage your property, you will be in the loop with out having the burden of managing.

For Tenants

We can offer you a place that you can call home. A property that will be safe and secure. A property that will fit your needs, and ultimately find a home you Love.

Rental Property Service

When clients decide to give us a property to manage, we want to give them the feeling of control over their property, without the burden of managing it.

A&J Management Property's main goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality of property management. We understand that every property or unit varies, so as a result we design different strategies to fit our clients needs.

The pricing for our service is simple and cost efficient. We charge an $0 initial fee when the property is given to us. However the amount of $800 will be charged after we find, qualify, and lease a tenant. After the initial fee cost there is a monthly charge of on-going management of 5% with $100 minimum charge per unit.

As mentioned earlier each unit and property is unique. Some properties will be able to rent out right away, while some may require maintenance and repairs. For our clients we will make the necessary repairs and maintenance in order to make the unit/property appealing. There is an start up cost which will cover the advertisement, touch-up cleaning, etc. Depending on the property if there are additional repair or cleaning cost we will ask for more funds in order to fill the unit as fast as possible.

What We Offer

A&J Property Management is about filling the need of our clients. Listed below are a few of the benefits of hiring us

Leasing information

Qualified Tenants are required to sign a minimum of a 1 year lease.

Our staff will develop contracts that list required information such as Megan's list, Prop 65 Toxic Substances Warning and even create contracts for Security Deposit rights.

Monthly Statement Reports

As part of our goal, We like to keep our clients in the loop. We provide detailed reports of property performance from previous months Monthly cash flow as well as Year-to-Date cash flow
Statements and sensitive records will be stored in our safe secure database.
Any other reports can be received upon request

Qualified Screening Process We take pride in the tenants we choose. Our belief is we yearn to hire the most qualified tenant to avoid any problems. When screening tenants we examine the rental history, banking history, employment history, credit report and criminal history. Marketing Strategy At A&J Property Management we use every possible outlet to find possible tenants. We advertise on the internet, television, news paper and even physical signs.

Home Owner's Association:

One of the many services we offer at A&J Property Management is coordinating all of the Home Owner's Association needs and obligations. Our philosophy has always been shaped around the idea of removing the burden of managing a property at the same time receiving the financial benefits of your investment. HOA (Home Owner's Association) is one aspect we can offer the upmost professional service. Listed below are some of the services we offer in terms of HOA.

Full Service Management:


  • Collect all dues and reports of Monthly Invoices
  • Facilitate bank needs, including payment of bills, etc.
  • Follow-up on delinquent accounts, prep late notices, supervision over all collection procedures
  • Provide compilation of all financial records, detailed reports regarding associations receivables and payables


  • Provide 24-hour emergency for both owners and tenants
  • Board members inspect property to prevent problems
  • Recommendations for cost effective landscape, such as light bulb replacement
  • Regularly scheduled services such as sprinkler timers, rain gutters, roof inspection and other services on basis


  • Provide coordination for all government, tax and insurance filings
  • Preparation of necessary association correspondence
  • Assistance with preparing the annual budget and management plan, providing recommendations to the association
  • Coordinating and attending meetings.

Maintenance Vendor

A&J Property Management foundation of success is due to the years of experience we have in the industry. What this entails is a large network of vendors that include maintenance vendors, brokers and agents. Ultimately what it means for investors is that we provide our clients with the most EFFICENT COST for any types of repairs needed. The years working with these vendors has allowed us to build a solid relationship and allows our clients to receive solutions to damages, or clean ups right away. Listed below are just a few of vendors we have in our network.

Here are a few of many vendors we have as our network:

  • Flooring
  • Remodeling
  • Repairs
  • Electrical
  • Air conditioning
  • Roofing
  • Clearance of Code Enforcement Violations