A&J Property Management Inc. has over 16+ years of management.


You can rest assure that when we manage your property, you will be in the loop with out having the burden of managing.


We can offer you a place that you can call home. A property that will be safe and secure. A property that will fit your needs.

Rental Property Service

We want to give our clients the feeling of control over their property, without the burden of managing it.

Home Owner's Association

One of the many services we offer is coordinating all of the Home Owner's Association needs and obligations.


About Us

A&J Property Management Inc. was established to provide professional and comprehensive management to communities residing in apartments, condominiums, townhouses and single-house units. Our main office is located in Pasadena California, minutes away from Old Town Pasadena. The properties we manage range across the San Gabriel Valley, from Pasadena to West Covina, geographically we have managed properties within Southern California. We offer our clients support with operation details, property management, accounting, customer response, escrow and delinquency tracking.

DRE# 01527803

More About Us


A&J Property Management Inc., we enjoy making our clients happy. We strongly believe that when a tenant decided to reside in our property or units, we want to make them feel at home and safe. We want to provide them with security and most importantly a place where they can call home.

Tenants Services


  •   I was looking to hire a new property management company for a while now, and I met Andy and Ryan through a friend of mine, who highly recommended them.

    I have them managing my 2 family properties in Arcadia and Temple City for 4 months already, and I must say they do an incredible job, seriously 100% hassle free.

    Good work guys!

    thumb Torrance D.
  •   AJ property management has been managing our property for 4 years and they are great. They will resolve any issues from tenant and it is always in our best interest. Also pays our HOA due and property tax, it is really hassle free experience to own investment property.

    thumb Rich L.
  •   We are so thankful to Andy and team for this past year renting with their management. From beginning until the end, we experienced quick communication and great customer service. The process of renting comes with urgency, and we felt that speed matched and cared for.

    thumb Tammy L.
  •   In 2014 , Andy help me out with a situation with terrible tenant. I am now client forever. They are professional honest efficient company. Thank you very much.

    thumb Henry H.
  •   My previous management company was over charge me on all sort stuff. I don't think it was repaired well. I was lucky that I came across AJ Property. They helped me got a handle on the situation and stabilized the situation. also get rid of the trouble tenant. Now 6 years passed and I couldn't be happier. THANK YOU !

    thumb Christine D.
  •   Our every interaction with Andy, was pleasant and easy. He was always so ready to help and work with our schedule for any repairs needed in our unit. He is extremely responsive and patient. Amazing service!

    thumb Krissia T.
  •   I am so glad I chose AJ Property to manage my house in Chino. They are quick, efficient, and responsive. The handover was effortless. And the tenant was happy and willing to stay for multi year term. When the tenant ready to end the lease and the house was excellant condition. A plus in my book.

    thumb Jessica Z.
  •   We regret leasing this apartment. Instead of a peaceful tenancy, it has been a nightmare. Andy has caused so many problems and emotional distress with his lies, lack of respect, accountability and aggressive behavior. We are responsible tenants who pay our rent on time. We pay $2450 a month to rent this apartment, and paid $4900 on November 7, 2020 to move into this apartment. We deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. The Prado staff and management have provided outstanding customer service. We wish that we only had to deal with them and not Andy. Andy considers us problematic because we know our rights, and demand respect.

    My husband and I are currently tenants at Prado on Lake, Andy Lin is the Manager for the apartment we our leasing. We moved in on November 7th and have had multiple problems with Andy and the contractors he has sent to our apartment. We have had repeated incidents where Andy has acted aggressively, disrespectful and now attacking our character with baseless accusations of being problematic. Since we moved in, we have had issues with Andy not making repairs within a reasonable time and feel the need to escalate this with the owner of the apartment. From the day we moved in until January 4, 2021, the heater did not work. We had to constantly reach out to Andy and finally threaten to call the housing inspector for him to make the necessary repairs.

    On November 9th, 2020, we reported that the heater was not working. Instead of Andy taking care of the problem, he shared my husband's personal contact information with his contractor, without asking permission first and asked my husband to communicate with his contractor to schedule and coordinate the repairs himself. When we demanded that Andy respect our privacy and handle the repairs himself, he stated that we had no authority on who he shares our personal contact information with.
    My husband had to take time out of his busy day to follow up with the contractor multiple times, because Andy passed off the responsibility to us. We had to set boundaries and demand that Andy fulfill his responsibility of ensuring the repairs were made. The heater was not repaired until January 4th, 2021 after repeated reminders, and follow ups. He tried to pass this responsibility off to us under the guise of "scheduling convenience". Convenient for who? Only Andy of course. The day of the repairs, the service provider from HVAC heard the way Andy was speaking to me and said that he would not work with Andy any longer due to how disrespectful he was. The service provider told us that he didn't understand why Andy passed off the responsibility of the repairs to us, as he has never dealt with tenants only the manager or landlord who hires him. He also told us that Andy new the heater did not work before we moved in but Andy never told us it was not working.

    Andy has continuously failed at communicating professionally and effectively. We submitted the Move in Inspection Report on November 21, 2020 but he did not confirm receipt until January 6, 2021, after I reminded him about it. The report contained repairs needed for the apartment but Andy could not be bothered.

    This month, we have had to defer repairs needed for our apartment because the service provider he sent to make repairs was unprofessional and was not wearing the PPE we requested. His service provider arrived at my apartment wearing his mask but it did not cover his nose, he was not wearing gloves, nor shoe coverings and also asked us to provide cleaning supplies to do his job. When I politely asked him to wear his mask properly and told him to bring his own cleaning supplies he became aggressive, began to argue with me and said he was leaving. Both he and has son began screaming at me, I warned that I would call the police if they did not leave. I let Andy know about this, he never apologized, and instead blamed me of being rude even though he was not here to witness what happened.

    To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, I specifically requested that Andy inform his service providers to wear PPE - including masks, shoe coverings, and gloves - and wear them properly. Andy argues that CA law does not mandate the PPE that I requested.

    Andy has also made baseless attacks on our character by implying that we are problematic solely because we requested that he be professional and respect our boundaries. He fabricated a story that the employees at Prado on Lake - and quote "virtually everyone we have encountered has complained about us". I spoke directly to the Manager of the Prado community, he clarified that Andy misunderstood and misinterpreted their communication.

    thumb C P.
  •   We have been tenants with this property management at Nuntucket Village for almost 3 years. My husband and I are very proud to be a part of. Andy is a very understanding property manager and right on top of things. I can honestly say the service that has been provided to us has been a GREAT experience. If we've had an issue with our unit by the next day it was fixed.
    Now times have been a bit rough for everyone. My family and I were hit with COVID and thankfully Andy and the management were very understanding.
    He and the management have always made us feel important and we are very blessed to have our place to be called our home.

    The Padilla family

    thumb Lizz P.
  •   This is my second property managed by AJ. I have been with them for years. I can not find anything to complain for. Andy is very professional and efficient with the request.

    I have steady income from my properties and worry-free.
    looking no further. AJ property management is the one you want to work with.

    thumb Ryan L.