A&J Management Property's main goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality of property management. We understand that every property or unit varies, so as a result we design different strategies to fit our clients needs.

When clients decide to give us a property to manage, we want to give them the feeling of control over their property, without the burden of managing it.

The pricing for our service is simple and cost efficient. We charge an initial fee of $_______ when the property is given to us. However the amount will be charged after we find and qualify a tenant. After the initial fee cost there is a monthly charge of on-going management of _______%. With no minimum charge.

As mentioned earlier each unit and property is unique. Some properties will be able to rent out right away, while some may require maintenance and repairs . For our clients we will make the necessary repairs and maintenance in order to make the unit/property appealing. There is an start up cost which will cover the advertisement, touch-up cleaning, etc. Depending on the property if there are additional repair or cleaning cost we will ask for more funds in order to fill the unit as fast as possible.