Home Owner's Association:

One of the many services we offer at A&J Property Management is coordinating all of the Home Owner's Association needs and obligations. Our philosophy has always been shaped around the idea of removing the burden of managing a property at the same time receiving the financial benefits of your investment. HOA (Home Owner's Association) is one aspect we can offer the upmost professional service. Listed below are some of the services we offer in terms of HOA.

Full Service Management:


  • Collect all dues and reports of Monthly Invoices
  • Facilitate bank needs, including payment of bills, etc.
  • Follow-up on delinquent accounts, prep late notices, supervision over all collection procedures
  • Provide compilation of all financial records, detailed reports regarding associations receivables and payables


  • Provide 24-hour emergency for both owners and tenants
  • Board members inspect property to prevent problems
  • Recommendations for cost effective landscape, such as light bulb replacement
  • Regularly scheduled services such as sprinkler timers, rain gutters, roof inspection and other services on basis


  • Provide coordination for all government, tax and insurance filings
  • Preparation of necessary association correspondence
  • Assistance with preparing the annual budget and management plan, providing recommendations to the association
  • Coordinating and attending meetings,.