At A&J Property Management, we will provide the highest quality level of management to our clients both Investors and Tenants.

Every unit, or client no matter how big or small, we guarantee that your business is our number one priority. The staff at A&J Property Management treats every unit/property as if it were there first listing. Our staff is highly motivated and dedicated in providing the best service in Southern California.

For Investors, Warren Buffet once said “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because some one planted a tree a long time ago” We hope that by giving us your business, we can aid in the process of growing your “Tree”.  You can rest assure that when we manage your property, you will be in the loop with out having the burden of managing.

For Tenants , We can offer you a place that you can call home. A property that will be safe and secure. A property that will fit your needs, and ultimately find a home you Love.